A technical instructor is a professional who specializes in providing training and instruction on technical skills and knowledge. They play a crucial role in helping individuals and organizations develop the expertise they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. At the Social Hackers Academy, teamwork is the key to achieving success. By working together, team members can combine their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Meet Halim, our well-known technical Instructor in our program for Full Stack Web Development. His energy is a driving machine for both work and life. Always with ideas and prepared to extract the best from every conversation. We wanted to share his thoughts with you, and we had an interview with him. Let’s find out more, shall we?

SHA – Hello, Halim. In our organisation, everyone has experienced you as a very positive and funny person. From where is this coming?

Halim Life is like a game that we should enjoy in all of its small details. There is nothing worth in life being sad for ( except our loved ones ). So do your best to win the game but don’t be sad if you fail in one stage because you learned things anyway. 

Understand me, I’m not always happy and funny, but I always try to control my emotions and redirect my feelings for the best

SHA – Tell us more about yourself. Where do you come from? How was your educational journey through the years?

HalimI was born in Germany, but I spent my whole life in Tunisia, I wasn’t that good in school and high school, but I loved logical problems, and I loved debating about them and solving them. Also, I worked during my school years with my father in a lot of domains like baking, in a restaurant, plumbing, construction, selling, and fixing electrical things that helped me a lot to discover myself and learn a lot about communication because I was an introvert person, and then I started my journey in University, and I studied electrical engineering, and I was excellent in that acutely, and I was helping my classmates preparing for the exams, I think that’s when I discovered my talent in explaining things for others in a simple way. After University, I discovered that even though I’m very good at electronics, it was something I didn’t think I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Later I started my journey in IT and learned full-stack JS, which changed my view of my life.

SHA –  How did you get started in Education?

Halim – After learning full stack JS, I got the opportunity to be a teacher in one of the bootcamps. I got a lot of experience on how to explain the same concept in different ways to different students.

SHA – How do you feel being an Instructor at Social Hackers Academy?

Halim – Being an Instructor at Social Hackers Academy changed my perspective on helping others reach their goals because it introduced me to helping vulnerable groups, which made me feel that I part of something that helps change the traditional system.

SHA – How do you keep up learning and developing professionally?

Halim – “A true master is an eternal student”. That’s a quote that I really love, and it motivates me to learn new things. Honestly, I never thought about learning to develop professionally. But I keep learning as a hobby to try new technologies and discover them.

SHA – What is Leadership for you?

Halim – I could write a book about leadership but in short words.

Leadership is the idea of guiding a group of people to do what is best for the group and for each and every one of them without bossing them.

SHA – How do you manage your work-life balance? Do you have any hobbies or activities that you practise along the way?

Halim – I always try not to think about work when I’m off, but I always fail badly. Still, I have hobbies that help me be happy, like playing chess and football with friends every week at least and working out.

SHA – How do you prioritise and manage your workload as a Full Stack Instructor?

Halim – I have a notebook to remind me of my fixed tasks for the week, and for other tasks like help desks, I do it along.

SHA –  How do you connect with your students? How can you describe your relationship with them?

Halim – I think I have a good connection with my students. To strengthen my relationship with them, I try to have some minutes before every session to discuss everything with them, even personal issues.

SHA –  If you see a student struggling, what will you say to them?

Halim – That’s part of the process because I believe that if you just give a person an answer, he will not know how to search for things by himself.

SHA – As humans, we have our values. Which is yours?

Halim – Respect every person, even the bad ones and try to know why they do what they do so that you can understand humanity.

SHA – Do you always need to have a specific goal or go with the flow?

Halim – I like to set goals and challenge myself to reach them.

SHA – What is success for you? Is success something that can be achieved through teamwork or individualism?

Halim – Success is something that can be achieved through teamwork or individualism. But if you reach success alone, you will not have anyone to celebrate with.

SHA – If you only had three words for motivation to share with those who want to start a coding journey or change careers. What would they be?

Halim – Adapt improvise overcome.

SHA – What’s your favourite quote that you always come back to it?

Halim – Manners make the man. If you don’t have manners, basically, you will fail in a lot of situations.

Experts like Halim are valuable assets to any team, as they possess the knowledge and expertise to train and educate individuals and organizations on the latest technical skills and knowledge.