On 22.11.2023, we have the exclusive privilege of having Pavlo Pedenko as our guest speaker on the topic of “Product Management Strategies”. Damian Vavanos hosted the event from Social Hackers Academy, and it was full of interesting discussions, suggestions, and ideas of how we can plan and implement strategies in the IT industry, alongside remarkable storytelling by Pavlo. Pavlo Pedenko is a co-founder at Mathema. me – an online maths learning platform for kids, and is a Senior Product Manager at Wise.

In an engaging podcast episode, Pablo shares his dynamic career journey from marketing to product management, highlighting the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and staying grounded. He reflects on the challenges and learnings from managing a team at a young age, emphasising the value of prioritising learning opportunities over immediate financial gains. Pablo’s diverse experiences, including launching a unique app for Chinese rappers, underscore his innovative approach and the significance of understanding different markets. His insights into the evolving role of product managers in the tech industry, especially with the advent of AI, offer valuable perspectives for professionals navigating their careers.

An insight

“There is a lot of talk about whether a PM should have some technical background. Having some engineering background is helpful because you have to deal with numbers and be able to read the code at least. The PM has to be able to run some very simple queries in order to extract some data. Like to self-serve some data. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a full-fledged engineer or that you’re expected to write your own code. No, and in most organisations, you wouldn’t even need to write your own SQL queries because they would be either self-served or there’s going to be a kind of analyst who helps you with that.” This was part of Pavlo’s point of view on the subject, but the event of almost over 60 minutes was a discussion of this on a very specific and professional level.

If you want to learn more about Product Management Strategies and learn directly from professionals, watch the SHA’s event on our YouTube channel.