Welcome to our blog: Insights Unlocked: SHA Events, where we take you on an enriching journey through the events we have hosted in the past. Each of these gatherings was a celebration of knowledge, innovation, and inspiration, bringing together experts and enthusiasts from various fields to share their insights and expertise. From building personal brands to delving into the world of HTML5 game development, from conquering imposter syndrome to exploring the power of web scraping using Node.js, and finally, from uncovering the potential of remote working in the tech industry – these events have been a treasure trove of valuable information.

Build your personal brand and bulletproof your future career

Nowadays, a personal brand is essentially to develop a great future for your business, product, or just by your self-growth. We are talking about how you present your image and the perception that others have of you. That tells how people talk about you when you aren’t there, which is also conditioned by word of mouth.

It is enriching to listen to people in the field who can tell why it is so important and how to achieve that kind of status. Our host Belen Wagaw was a chief storyteller at SaaS until the year 2022 when she became the owner of a personal branding agency. She explains how improving her personal brand has helped her in her professional career when it comes to having more job opportunities, having more confidence in herself to leave her job, and, in turn, connecting with amazing people.

Belen encourages you to start this process by improving your professional profile on the networks, primarily on Linkedin, where there are 1 billion people, but less than 1% of them publish content regularly.

Throughout the event, she will also provide you with advice to follow, such as what is worth writing in the “about me” section for your profile and recommendations of people to follow that she thinks are good to look up to.

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Introduction to HTML 5 Game Development

Cristina Hinchin is a programming teacher at the Academia de Código, which is a boot camp in Lisboa, Portugal. She talks about game development in the browser from HTML5.

HTML5 game development refers to the development of games using web technologies, specifically HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is the latest version of the HTML markup language used to structure and present content on the web. With it, it is possible to create interactive games directly in a web browser without the need for plugins or additional software.

This technology has revolutionized game development, allowing developers to create cross-platform games that can run on different devices, such as desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets, without the need for specific adaptations for each platform.

With Cristina, you will Discover how to create an endless running game on your web browser using the #HTML5 Canvas API and #JavaScript. In less than an hour, you’ll explore topics like scrolling backgrounds, animated sprite sheets, controlling player movement, and detecting collisions.

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When in Doubt, just DO; surprising benefits of impostor syndrome

If you ever doubted yourself, thought you weren’t good enough, or made yourself think you don’t deserve to be where you are, don’t worry, most people have, and it has a name: The impostor syndrome.

This is a psychological pattern in which individuals doubt their own accomplishments and have a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as fraud, despite external evidence of their competence and achievements.

In the video, you could see how Tina Ruseva (CEO of Montessa, initiator of the New York festival, speaker, and author) explains her path through this way of self-sabotage and how she managed to be at peace with her inner self. She claims that the first thing is to recognize it.

And then, you have to be aware of the fact that having an impostor does not influence your performance. Therefore, it is an empowering talk to acknowledge and confront the experiences that hinder your progress, ensuring that you do not impede your own growth.
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Web Scraping using Node.js

The main objective of this event was to gain expertise in extracting data from external web pages using Puppeteer and Cheerio with the guidance of Hamza Jouini, a skilled back-end developer.

To begin with, it is crucial to understand that web scraping using Node.js refers to the practice of extracting data from websites or web pages by utilizing the Node.js runtime environment. Node.js provides libraries such as Cheerio and Puppeteer, which are the ones that will be used. That simplifies web scraping tasks by offering functions and methods to navigate and manipulate HTML elements, interact with web pages, and retrieve data efficiently.

When developers harness the power of Node.js, they can create strong and flexible web scraping applications capable of extracting data from various sources, managing dynamic web content, and handling tasks like data cleaning, processing, and storage.

So, if you’re interested in diving into the world of web scraping and exploring the endless possibilities it offers, this video could undoubtedly be the way to go!

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Remote Working in Tech Industry

Remote working in the tech industry has gained significant popularity due to advancements in technology. It offers benefits such as flexibility, access to a global talent pool, and cost savings. However, it also presents challenges in communication and work-life balance. Overall, remote working has revolutionized the tech industry by changing the way professionals work and collaborate.

The pandemic of COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of remote working practices, with many tech companies transitioning their entire workforce to remote setups almost overnight. Remote work became a necessity for the industry to continue operations and maintain productivity during these challenging times. 

Mine Dedekoca is a remote work culture creator who will explain through the webinar what it means to be a remote worker. She will talk about this new way of working that has made its way into our society by telling its advantages and also its disadvantages and what you need to be a successful remote worker.

Unlock the potential of remote working in the tech industry and discover how it can revolutionize your career. Watch this video to explore the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of remote work in the ever-evolving world of tech.

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