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Don’t give up! How to Overcome Challenges in Coding

How to overcome challenges in Coding

Getting into the Programming world is a challenging move. Many unanswered questions can appear in seconds in your thoughts. The most common would be: How to overcome challenges in coding?

The tech industry is the No. 1 industry in the world to work in.

Possibilities are high, and the market goes in demand. The statistics show that in 2023 there will be an annual growth rate of 8.2%. Tech employees earn up to 85% more than those in other industries.

Joining such a big industry, it’s the right move. High incomes, flexible working hours, good working environments, working from anywhere, and additional benefits will be part of your career in tech. You can become part of this industry in several ways, such as a Software Developer, Data Scientist, Information Security Analyst, Web Developer, Sales Engineer, Computer Research Scientist, Graphic Designer, Marketer and more… The common thing required to become any of these is to learn and have a growth mindset.

We are a community of learners, people with growth mindsets, and developers. We strive to democratise education, giving everyone in society equal access to Tech Education. Our programs are designed by experts and adapted to students with all kinds of pre-knowledge and experience. Here at SHA, we are highly aware of the problems people wanting to join the Tech Industry have. 

In this Blog, we will describe the possible challenges people have before joining Coding bootcamps while learning and after graduating.

Analysing what are the common problems for people before starting something new or, in our case, how to overcome challenges in coding, we summed up these:

From now on, problems become challenges in coding.

Step into new things in your life more often. There are no problems, only challenges. If someone’s will is strong enough, everything can be overcome.

Let’s open the box of some of the challenges listed above.

Managing your time, it’s a skill, a lifelong skill. Effective time management is essential for reaching your objectives and getting the most out of your online bootcamp experience. It might be challenging to find the time and energy to finish your courses and stay on track if you work full-time, care for a family, or balance several commitments. You may learn to make the most of your time and focus on your goals by employing a few basic tactics.

Pursuing an online coding bootcamp can be a big-time and financial investment. The cost of an online coding bootcamp can be a huge barrier to enrollment for many people, and it can be not easy to know where to turn for financial aid. However, regardless of your financial status, there are various choices available to assist in making online bootcamps more affordable. Social Hackers Academy helps in this way:

Starting an online bootcamp may be a thrilling chance to acquire new skills and progress your career. Still, it can also be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the topic or technology being taught. However, with the correct mentality and methods, you may overcome these challenges in coding and maximise your online bootcamp experience.

Participating in an online coding bootcamp may be a great way to acquire new skills and enhance your career. Still, it can be challenging if you don’t have access to the appropriate technology or equipment. However, you may make the most of your online bootcamp experience with a bit of imagination and effort.

Social Hackers Academy courses are life-changing.

We have students from very different backgrounds all around the world. To dive deeper, we invited our successful student from Class 19, Vreij Lal, to tell us more about his challenges as an asylum seeker while studying with us.

Lovely to have you with us, Vreij Lal!

SHA: How did your status in the country affect your ability to participate fully in the bootcamp’s online community or access support services?

Vreij: Luckily, as much as my status in the country was not in good shape, I managed to communicate with the community and was able to access all support services.

SHA: Did SHA help you during your journey as an asylum seeker student? If yes, how?

Vreij: As an asylum seeker (Recently, I was recognised as a refugee by the UNHCR), SHA was super supportive during hard times in the bootcamp, such as deadlines, and support with employability empowered me to become a better developer with soft skills and make my way into the industry, to have a career in tech.

SHA: Were there any specific issues you faced with internet access or equipment during studying online?

Vreij: Luckily, I had all the requirements for internet access and equipment.

SHA: Did you have any other challenges during your progress in the course?

Vreij: The only challenge I am left with is finding a job which I am pretty positive that I will, with the proper training that the employability team provided and will provide in the near future.

Overcoming challenges in coding can be challenging and requires a lot of focus and attention to detail.

It’s common to run across a variety of issues while coding. Syntax mistakes, logical flaws, and debugging are some of the most prevalent issues. Taking a systematic approach and breaking the problem into smaller components are necessary. Using debugging tools and reading documentation is beneficial, too. It’s also critical to stay organised and make precise notes on the project’s progress. Lastly, collaborating with other developers and requesting assistance may also be advantageous. With the appropriate mentality and technique, you can overcome any coding challenges and achieve project success!

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