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World Environment Day: Even our thoughts can influence

Environment, Education

As the world says, “We have only one Earth”, and that one is touching our hearts. We can be sure that even our thoughts can influence the environment these years. So keep your thoughts fresh, clean, smart, progressive, and let’s invest in our environment!

We can easily observe the challenges that we are facing. All the media are showing us what is happening to our planet, but now, we can see it, feel it and even be part of it. 

This day is for us to celebrate in love and happiness, from the sea, mountain, desert, or offices, the World Environment Day, but now it’s time to act if we want to celebrate for millenniums. The climate is heating too quickly, and almost 1 million species are threatened with extinction. Pollution continues to poison our environment, as our air, land and water, and hunger keep going.

In order to act, we need to take the challenges to a more personal level and try to take steps in a very sustainable way, which means saving energy, recycling and reusing, going plastic-free and paperless, buying fair trade products, driving less and biking more, and using eco-friendly products.

Here at Social Hackers Academy, we are helping improve our environment in a precise way. We develop and give people quality education, which is the source of self-changing. We want to mark this day not as something passing but as the day that will provide us with motivation and inner passion for better decisions in our lives.

If you want to explore more about this topic, want a practical guide for taking steps in a sustainable direction, or see events that talk about it, at the UN site you will find master sources.

Together we can save galaxies, not only one planet. Start from today, from this very moment, go for a walk and think about it.

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