You already know that the culture of an organisation plays a key role in it’s day to day efficiency and achievement of long term goals. And while the term that was introduced in 1951 is without a doubt still relevant in a modern working environment, the concept of 2019 has now a lot to add to the classic understanding of values and behaviors that contribute to the unique environment of a business.

In the era of Digital Transformation we redefine the values of our time and productivity by introducing new tools to our daily working experience.

Social Hackers Academy is a great example of an up to date organisation that entered Greek NGO ecosystem dynamically and firmly regardless very limited human and financial resources. It all starts with changing the mindset of the NGO founders in using tools that will solve/automate the tasks that takes ages for them to do.

Let us give you the tour of SHA tools and automation software that will make your Sisyphean tasks turn from rocks into gravel!

1) Slack — Internal communication
2) Podio — Customer Relationship Management
3) Canva — Graphic Design
4) LastPass — Password Management
5) Calendly — Appointment Scheduler
6) Google Docs — Office Suite
7) Microsoft Office Home and Business — Ya’ll know what this is :)
8) G Suite — Google’s Business Suite
9) Google Drive — File Storage
10) OneDrive — Backup our files
11) Multcloud — Automated Back-up Solution
12) Google Meet — Teleconference
13) appear.in — 2nd Teleconference software
14) Google Calendar — We have like 5 different calendars
15) Yuboto-Telephony — Greek Landline Number
16) Skype — Teleconferencing
17) Hootsuite — Social Media Management
18) Later — Instagram Account Management
19) Trello — Project Management
20) Kaspersky Lab Total Security — Antivirus
21) Mozilla Thunderbird — Email Client (We went a bit old school on this one but some of our team members really hate Outlook)
22) Google Chrome — Web Browser
23) Microsoft Edge — Web Browser (Just to operate Facebook Business which works like a bitch on Chrome)
24) Facebook Business — Managing FB & Instagram pages
25) CauseVox — Crowdfunding Platform
26) ContactPigeon — Email Software Automation
27) Zapier — The tool of tools, it connects many of our tools together
28) Mailchimp — Email Software Automation but we mainly use it for our Opt-ins in our websites
29) GitHub — Ask our devs what it does ;)
30) CodePen — Same as above
31) Visual Studio Code — Programming stuff
32) iubenda — Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator
33) lemlist — Drip Campaigns Automation

Most of these tools are used on our mobile phones as well!!!

Chrome extensions:
1) Lastpass
2) Adblocker
3) Awesome Screenshot: Screen Recording — Take screenshots
5) Email Extractor :)
6) Scrapp.io — Email Extraction
7) Clearbit — Email Extraction for GSuite 💣

Some tools we use are free, some of them are paid but discounted and the rest we pay retail.

All these tools have helped streamline our operations but most importantly to pursue a culture of a modern, flexible, and dynamic organization, that makes sure that our team works efficiently even when we work remotely.

If you have any questions or need support in preparing your NGO for the new digital era, please send us a message as we’d be happy to assist.

Even if at first all the tools might seem overwhelming, once you start using them religiously, we are certain that your organization will run better than ever!