Becoming a programmer doesn’t take time; it takes dedication.

Naturally, we put ourselves in a situation where we can see ourselves further in time. For example, when it comes to becoming a programmer, one of the first questions is: “Yes, but how much time do I need to learn to code?”. Social Hackers Academy gives you an answer to this!

Coding is a complex skill that requires a significant investment of time and effort to master.

How long it takes to become a programming pro depends on various factors, including your previous experience with computer programming, the specific coding language you are learning, and the amount of time you can devote to studying each day. However, most experts agree that developing basic coding skills generally takes several months. Starting is the best way to learn if you want to become a programmer. 

Coding problems are widely available online, big communities are also dedicated to the subject, and many free resources can help you get started. With dedication and practice, you can develop the skills you need to succeed as a programmer.

Let’s talk first about dedication itself. Dedication means a lot of things, and it’s very individual. Time and coding are relative. Dedication can be a complete focus on something, and for another can be doing something for a long time. We can agree that both are correct. Dedication is important to us as a state of mind to achieve something that will improve our professional and private lives. Being dedicated also can be practised through finding a deeper reason, defining your goals, being proactive and so on. Imagine you just started a Coding Bootcamp. That means that you already show yourself dedication by doing that act which you think will help you achieve your future goals. Coding can be challenging, so dedication itself will be tested.

Becoming a programmer takes you to have a clear vision.

You have already found your purpose and know what challenges you will face and what opportunities you will create. If you still struggle with your decision or visualise your future self in Tech, you must first decide which programming language you want to learn, which depends on your desired result. Imagine you want to learn Full-Stack Web Development. Therefore, the time that you need to become a programmer becomes irrelevant. Now, what else do you need to ease your process?

  • Hardware: You need a PC, internet and a suitable place to study
  • Software: Setting up a development environment and installing the tools related to that specific program language. Starting to practice.

Many resources out there will give you approximately 5 to 7 months to learn the basics of Coding. Yes, it depends. As we already said, the amount of your dedication will navigate your time in learning. Our program for Full Stack Web Development is created by many statistics. The program is well-structured and well-adapted to the student’s situation, such as free time & work, payment and many opportunities they have studying the program.

What do Full-Stack Web Development students think about the time needed to become one?

Become a programmer

To dive deep into it, we talked with one of the SHA students about what she thinks about the time needed to become a programmer. We know every approach to something is individual, but some common thoughts and practices exist.

Our student from Class 19 in Full-Stack Web Development helps us better understand what it takes to be a programmer.

Hello Sofia! We are delighted to welcome you to our Blog for this crucial and worthwhile topic.

SHA: Does dedication help you learn Web Development, or is there something else that gives you confidence and motivation?

Sofia: I believe that the main source of motivation which helps me to cope with the, let’s face it, quite demanding process of learning Web Development is my inquiring mind. I am a person who dislikes staying still and is very eager to learn new things every day and put them to use. I am also the sort of person who enjoys solving puzzles, a true problem solver if you will. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the greater the sense of accomplishment I get when I overcome it.

SHA: What is your opinion about how much time it takes to become a Programmer?

Sofia: I think I would have to say that the time required to become a Programmer depends on the person and their determination and commitment. I mean, if you study six to eight hours per day, you can probably learn all the basic things that you need to know in a time period of three to four months. But I strongly believe that to become a programmer, you need to code, code, and then code some more. And once you feel comfortable writing your own code, one of the most important things you need to know is how to read code written by others since you’ll most likely be working with others; you will spend most of your career reading code than writing it.

SHA: What was your trigger to jump in into the Tech World?

Sofia: Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by Tech World and its potential. I remember being very interested in computers and the newly acquainted internet. Unfortunately, when the time came for me to choose my field of study, the programming world still felt very strange and unusual, though intriguing. I think we were all still under the misconception that programmers were abnormally intelligent, nerdy guys who wrote mysterious, incomprehensive code in front of black screens. Many years later, I realized that a career in the Tech World was not only possible but also one of the most flexible, non-exclusive, well paid and more secure careers you can choose. So, when I allowed jumping into the world of Technology, I did not hesitate to do so.

Dedication, commitment and passion for learning

Dedication, commitment, passion for learning, and more are needed to become a Programmer and succeed in the Tech Industry.

The amount of time it takes to become proficient in programming varies depending on the language and your natural ability. However, most people can become competent programmers with enough practice.

There are many ways to learn how to program, but some methods may be more efficient than others. You must find the best method for you and stick with it. Programming can be a challenging skill to learn, but it is also gratifying. With hard work and dedication, you can become a successful programmer.