Our Story

(How We Started)

The first tech education school in Athens for vulnerable groups.

Today there are 62,000 refugees stuck in Greece. Due to economic crisis the country is one of the least prepared in Europe to deal with this influx of people. Currently basic necessities are paid for in large part by government organizations and NGOs. But very little money is invested in sustainable solutions to the problem like formal education and skills training.

In September of 2017 we launched a code school to teach students how to become web developers. Our goal is to provide a path out of the camps and towards a dignified, financially independent life.


Our mission is to support vulnerable groups, incl. refugees/migrants/unemployed, in getting access to quality tech education that leads to employment and a future-proof career.


We want to help create a world where solidarity prevails and everyone enjoys equal opportunities, by having access to quality education and the labour market.

Our Values


We actively involve people from different backgrounds & socio-cultural contexts, while working towards our common goal


We are willing to take risks , act innovatively & show courage in achieving our mission


We are committed and impact driven


We’re building a community of people eager to support each other in every way necessary that leads to achieving our mission


We embody the hacker culture of “doing more with less”: to serve multiple students, by using the power of technology

Our Progress & Main Milestones