Imagine a world,

where people have equal access to education,

the labor market and a future-proof Career.

Welcome to Social Hackers Academy

Imagine a world
where people have equal access to education, the labour market and a future-proof career.

Welcome to Social Hackers Academy

Become a Full-Stack Web Developer and start your career in tech industry!

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Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced developer, our open courses have something for you. Unlock your potential in tech and launch your coding journey for free with our comprehensive learning resources.

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We offer learning programs that leads to employment in the digitalized industries. 

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Talent Platform gives access to our graduates’ database, and let companies to find the perfect candidate for their employment needs.

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What our graduates think about us:

I will always be grateful to SHA.
I believe I wouldn’t be the person I am without the help of Social Hackers Academy’s mentors. Everyone here kept putting great efforts into us students to be capable of becoming web developers.

Stefanos Leventis

Class 10 Graduate

SHA has changed my life. I’ve gained access to this untapped version of me that was always there. I never knew that I could code for 14 hours straight, I never saw myself doing something like that…

Sohail Haqyar

Class 8 Graduate

If someone is interested to join SHA, don’t hesitate. Don’t think you don’t have the skills, you’ll get them. If you want to join, you should try. It is a life changing experience.”

Paraskevi Antonopoulou

Class 9 Graduate

The course led us to test what working remotely for a company would be like. Also, it pushed me out of my comfort zone to apply programming skills and use tools, like Github, in a short amount of time so we could meet the deadline. It made me improve my technical, remote collaboration and presentation skills.

Vaso Kaloutsa

Class 12 Graduate

I’m learning new things every day, and I enjoy doing so. The course is helping me to improve my employability and secure my future career.

Without a doubt, SHA is giving me all I need to do that and even more.

Noraldin Saied Alshkaki

Class 15 Graduate