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Welcome to Social Hackers Academy

 At Social Hackers Academy we offer a holistic approach on you getting access to the tech industry.

We’ve created 4 courses that cover all ends on you getting the required technical and personal skills to land a future proof career.


The first but important step. In order for you to get access to our main course you have to finish this pre-course.

Full Stack Web Development Course

Our main course where you’re going to learn all the technical skills to land a job.

Soft Skills for Web Developers

 93% of Technical recruiters agree that Soft Skills (Personal) are more importang than technical ones.

How to get a dev job


I was a university student before I came to Athens. But I couldn’t finish my education due to the conditions in Syria. I have been living in Athens for almost one and a half year. When I enrolled in this course, I didn’t have any background in software engineering but thanks to our mentors we learning step by step and it starts to seem possible to become a developer. Therefore, it is very important to me.

Mohammad Alasli

Student, Syria, 28

“I am currently working as a Front-End Web Developer at The whole process of seeking a job lasted about 2 months. One of the most important things I gained throughout this process, apart from my job, of course, was knowledge. I can say that the hardest part was time and rejection. I had to be patient and optimistic. Keep my head up no matter what the outcome of an application was. When it comes to an actual interview you have to be genuine. It doesn’t matter what you don’t know. You can’t know everything. What really matters is to prove to your potential employers that you are eager to learn and become a member of a greater team. Social Hackers Academy prepared me well for this challenge through the Seven-Month Full Stack Development course and helped me gain hands-on- experience by setting up a freelance internship on Homitor Real Estate Group, a Greek Startup Company for me.”

Yiannis Alexiou

Front-End Web Developer

This experience for me is fascinating and greatly rewarding, as I am constantly confronted with various challenges from the teaching process and I get to work with very interesting people of all age groups and various backgrounds. All of the students are really kind and their feedback is invaluable for tech people that strive to become better at teaching these subjects.

Kostas Minaidis

JavaScript & Node.js Teacher

I believe that volunteering is a way of living. We give back to the community what we can offer for free. Just to do good and support people or communities who wish to receive a helping hand. You just want to give back to the community and be a part of the change you want to see in the world. These common values unite all volunteers around the world and build bridges above cultures and obstacles. When you can actually witness the improvements happening in front of your eyes, you know deep inside that you belong to something bigger than you. It makes a difference to the people around you and transforms you as well.

Areti Vassou

LinkedIn Instructor (Volunteer)